Emergency Response Team for Environmental Incidents

OSR: Reliable environmental services for bio-remediation and various dangerous goods. Servicing all of Ontario.

Our company takes pride in ensuring on-site safety and providing excellent customer service. Count on us for prompt response times and 24 hour, 7 days a week service.

oil spill in waterway with blockage tubes

About OSR

Ontario Spill Response Environmental Services is a forward-thinking environmental company that strives to preserve the natural environment. Founded in 2009, we take pride in servicing our clients and their insurance companies.

contaminated water with floating garbage and factory
man in an excavator on top of dirt

OSR mitigates, contains, and remediates a variety of situations that involve environmental impact such as transport accidents and industrial spills. Specifically, we are experts in oil remediation. By working with engineers and insurance providers, we ensure outstanding services.

We are here to protect you and the environment.

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